Artist Of The Week - NATIVE KINDS

Band Members:
Josh Sweiven  |  Phillip Berg  |  Sam Bramble
| Minneapolis, MN |
| "No moms no rules" |
Current Location:
| Los Angeles, CA |
Yo SBC we are Josh Sweiven (singer), Phillip Berg (guitar), and Sam Bramble(drums) and we are in a band called Native Kinds as well as members of SADBOYCREW. We are currently based out of LA, but grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are still pretty confused ourselves as to where our genre sits, though some say it's a mix between Fall Out Boy and The Weeknd which I (Josh) am super down with. It's hard as a band to put yourself in a genre because it will always feel restricting, though we are always curious as to what others label us as.

SBC: Why did you choose music?
I don't think any of us chose to play music. If we had a choice we could have been making millions of dollars as doctors or lawyers...but we didn't. No musician does. We're all kinda screwed up in the head, but we can't escape this path.
What led you guys to form your group?
Two of us (Sam and Josh) had been in previous bands and played shows with Phillip and his old band back in Minneapolis. That's how we became friends. When our old bands starting breaking up, we were a few of the members left that wanted to continue in music. We started writing songs and it just clicked.

Who or what inspires you?
Josh: People. Whether they be a random stranger that passes by, a close friend, or a family member. I'll never forget the night I left Minneapolis. I was at my older brother’s apartment and he gave me a huge hug goodbye, looked me dead in the eyes and said “go out there and be a fucking rock star. If I know anyone who can do’s you”. I bawled my eyes out driving home.
Phillip: Things that make you feel inspire me. Songs that have that one part that moves a person mentally and physically. Learning something new inspires growth as well as others pursuing the same goals that are moving at a faster pace than I am. Realizing there is beauty in everything and being excited to learn and grow everyday to better myself and those around me is really what it comes down to.
Sam: people and art. Also known as the two things I value most. People are the most important and most inspiring to me. Anything from how they express themselves through clothes/aesthetic physically as well as how they express themselves socially. The stories they have to share or the morales they carry. I soak it all up and always strive to find different people and diversity to learn more. I can’t necessarily explain my inspiration and love for art. I’m inspired by so many different forms of it and each one affects and influences me uniquely. I’ve also been really influenced by Hunter S. Thompson recently.
What are your goals with your art/music?
Josh: Inspire and be inspired by as many people as possible. We are complicated and fascinating and we have far too little time with each other in this life to waste any. I want to connect with as many people as I possibly can, and I really feel like music is my way of doing so. A genuine friend is so necessary in surviving the human experience. I want as many as possible.
Sam: I agree with both Josh and Phil, I want to explore other places, meeting new friends and characters along the way and I want to leave something positive in the Universe that can affect others in a positive way and hopefully inspire them.
Phillip: I want to create something that people can relate to. Something that gets people up and going. Creating something people can escape in. Any positive impact, whether it changes someone’s perspective on life, makes them stop and think, or just a reason to get excited to get in your car, drive around, and sing something because you have a long day.

Any life tips you’d like to give?

Josh: It’s easy to let the world get to you when you live and breathe the Internet.  There is so much pressure, especially from social media, on how you should act and what you should be/say. People are so obsessed with retweets/favorites/likes that they follow trends like they're a religion.  We all have that one friend who was an emo kid, who became a hipster kid, who became a new trend, and will become the next. We've also all seen friends who hate each other act like best friends on the Internet.  It's fucking exhausting.
Phillip: “Scars are not what you look at to remember how you have been hurt, but to show how well you can heal.” Also, always be the best you.
Sam: Don’t live your life for anyone else but yourself. Question Authority. Love your fellow human. Eat Hot Cheetos.
What should we expect next from you?
We recently filmed an acoustic version for the song “Mouth of a Shark” that we recently released a music video for.  It's all recorded live in our bathroom (off a GoPro) so it's super raw and real.  We want to showcase that we can actually do the damn thing, and not only sound good in recordings. That might already be out when this interview hits the web, though.  If not you’ll see it soon!
Other than that, we have a second music video to release and are working on several new songs. We want to put out as much content as possible in 2016.

We’re also working on starting to play shows ASAP.  We miss being on stage desperately.
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